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Codiga Public Profiles to show your Code Quality

Public profiles let you show the world how good your code is! It provides a summary of your Codiga projects and what is your average Codiga score.

What projects show up on my public profile?

Your public profile contains all your public projects that have been connected with the Codiga analyzer tool. Private projects are NOT used for the public profile page.

How to enable your public profile?

In your very own dashboard at Codiga, once you logged in, go to the left panel and click Public Profile and review that it is ENABLED

Enable public profile on your account

How to access your public profile?

To access your Public Profile, use the URL in your user preferences.

The URL looks like this


You can check out this public profile for example.

Where usertype is the type of user (github, gitlab or bitbucket) and username is the identifier of the user on this platform.

The static content is a static HTML version that is great for indexing with a search engine. The dynamic version is an implementation of the public profile on our frontend and is less SEO friendly.

What do all these numbers mean?

Example of public profile

At the top left, the profile shows user information such as location, link to the profile on GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket.

How to add your Codiga public profile on your GitHub profile?

GitHub has a public profile features where you can show and highlights details about your career and coding statistics. Codiga gives the opportunity to surface your code quality metrics directly on your GitHub profile.

On your file, inserts a code snippet like this (replace <username> by your GitHub username). Make sure your public profile is enabled on Codiga in your user preferences.

<a href="<username>">
<img src="<username>" alt="Codiga badge" />

The result looks like the following picture, the Codiga badge shows details about your personal coding statistics. It also links to your personal public profile on Codiga.

GitHub public profile