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VS Code plugin


The Codiga VS Code plugin lets you integrate the Codiga analysis engine directly in VS Code. No need to install multiple tools or wait the pull requests: all analysis results come directly in your development environment.

Quick Startโ€‹

The Codiga plugin is available on the VS Code marketplace.

You can find it directly within VS Code, as shown below.

VS Code Marketplace

Linking your Codiga Account (optional).โ€‹

Linking your Codiga account lets you import your project preferences for the code analysis.

API Token creation

You need to have an account on Codiga and have your project inspected by Codiga. Once done, get your API tokens on Codiga on your tokens page.

API keys configuration

You can check that the API connection is working using the command Codiga: Test API connection (โ‡งโŒ˜P).

API keys configuration

Reporting an issueโ€‹

You can get help by joining our Slack Community

You can report an issue on the VS Code plugin directly on GitHub.

More informationโ€‹