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Jetbrains plugin

The IntelliJ plugin is available directly on the Jetbrains marketplace. You can directly install it within Jetbrains.


The Codiga Jetbrains plugin surfaces all issues detected by Codiga directly in Jetbrains. No need to install any special tool on your laptop, the plugin surfaces:

  • code violations such as vulnerabilities, lack of documentation, safety issues and much more
  • complex functions: any function with high cyclomatic complexity
  • long functions: any function longer than 40 lines
  • code duplicates: any code that has been duplicated through the codebase and should be refactored into functions.

Quick Start

The Codiga plugin is available on the Jetbrains marketplace. Look for it within Jetbrains, you can install it in a click!

Connecting your Codiga account

Note: this step is optional, using your account will make sure your preferences are being used when you analyze code in the platform.

You need to have an account on Codiga and have your project inspected by Codiga. Once done, get your API keys on Codiga on the token integration page.

Add these keys in the plugin preferences.

Quick actions within Jetbrains

Codiga will annotate your source code and surface all issues it detects. You can select to learn more about each violation, see them on Codiga or just ignore it.

Action Available

Reporting an issue

You can get help by joining our Slack Community

You can report an issue on the VS Code plugin directly on GitHub.