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Codiga - Snippets and Cookbooks


What is a recipe?

A recipe is a reusable block of code shared on the platform.

  • A name: how you call your recipe (e.g. Read a CSV file)
  • A description, optional (e.g. Recipe that read a CSV file from the local filesystem)
  • A set of tags, optional, to organize your recipes
  • A block of reusable code that is what is being stored on the platform and reused by other developers.
  • A set of imports, optional, that are imports being automatically when importing the recipe.
  • A set of keywords that are used to trigger the recipe.

How to create a recipe?

You can create recipes on the platform, using the web interface.

Creating Recipes

You can also create a recipe directly from your IDE by selecting the text and selecting to create a recipe.

How to share a recipe?

You can share a recipe using a direct link or embed a badge on your website. On the public recipe page, you can share the recipe directly using a badge.


A recipe can be either public or private. You cannot change the recipe visbility once created.

When a recipe is created as public, it's automatically shared and reusable by anybody on the platform.

When a recipe is created as private, only you can reuse it.

Using a recipe

To use a recipe, you need to subscribe to it. You can subscribe to the recipe on the recipe marketplace, once you are logged.

How a recipe get selected in my IDE?

You can search for a recipe directly within your IDE. When looking for a recipe, the matching engine fetch recipes that matches the user requests and recipes keywords.

The matching engine uses the following parameters to select recipes:

  • keywords: the engine checks that the keywords from the user request and the keywords from recipes.
  • popularity: the engine surfaces recipes that are used and popular.
  • rating: the engine avoids unsafe recipes (e.g. recipes flagged as unsafe).
  • language: the langauge of the recipe must match the language of the file edited in the IDE.
  • libraries: the recipe must be usable with the libraries and language used within the IDE.


What is a cookbook?

A cookbook is a collection of recipes. You can add multiple recipes in the same cookbook.

When a user subscribe to a cookbook, they automatically subscribe to all public recipes within that cookbook.

How to share a cookbook?

You can share a cookbook using a direct link or embed a badge on your website. On the public recipe page, you can share the cookbook directly using a badge.