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Codiga Technical Debt Estimates

Too often, developers and managers have a vague idea of their technical debt based on their (biased) experience and understanding. Unfortunately, this vision often does not match reality, and this is why it is very important to have an objective view of your technical debt.

The technical debt view is the best reality check with the real cost of your technical debt. It gives you an estimated financial cost of your debt and establishes a plan to pay it back.

Technical Debt Dashboard

Why is this useful?

Many developers and/or managers have no idea of the cost of their technical debt and how to start addressing it. This dashboard addresses these issues by associating a financial cost $ to the technical debt and shows what the main modules to fix are. It exposes the files with the most number of violations, duplicated code, and complex or long functions so that you can focus on fixing them first.


To show the technical debt estimates, our engine aggregates metrics on the number of violations, code duplicates as well as complex and long functions.

Codiga associates several hours to fix each issue and associates a price based on the average salary of a software developer. Our engine is configured to use an average price of $70 per hour.