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GitHub Action Integration

The Codiga GitHub action is available here

What is the Codiga GitHub action?

The Codiga GitHub action analyzes your code according to your own quality criteria. The action can be chained to other actions to gate testing or deployment actions. The diagram below illustrates how the action can be used in a workflow.

The Codiga GitHub action

How to use it?

All installation instructions are available on the GitHub marketplace.

You can check an example of how to use the GitHub action on the github-action-example project on GitHub.

How different is the GitHub Action from the GitHub App?

The Codiga GitHub App is a full integration of Codiga capabilities with GitHub whereas the GitHub Action only supports code quality checks.

When installing the GitHub App, Codiga is notified of each push or pull and updates the project data accordingly. The GitHub App also supports automated code reviews and annotate the code modification with any defect that has been introduced.

To use the GitHub App, you need to use Codiga with your GitHub account (log using a GitHub account) When using the GitHub action, you can use any account on Codiga.

Reporting an issue

You can get help by joining our Slack Community

You can report an issue directly on GitHub.