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Codiga - Bitbucket Integration

The integration with Bitbucket is done through a dedicated Bitbucket App.

How to install the App

From the marketplace

Our application is available on the Bitbucket Marketplace.

You can install the Bitbucket app by directly clicking on the following button. It will prompt you on what account or group you want to install the app on.

Bitbucket link

Once you install the app, you need:

From your account

Step 1: Go to your workspace

From your account, look at the marketplace link on the left menu.

Marketplace on Bitbucket account

Step 2: Find and Install the Codiga App

In the Code Quality section, look for Codiga.Click on Add.

Codiga App on Marketplace

Step 3: Add repositories

When you navigate to your repository, select the Codiga menu (old installations will see a Code Inspector menu). Select Add Project to Codiga.

You can then see metrics directly on Bitbucket or all metrics on our app.

Add repository

How to add repositories

Navigate to the repository. Select Codiga (or Code Inspector depending on how old your installation is) and add the project, as shown below.

Add repository

Note: if the project belongs to a group or team in Bitbucket, Codiga will automatically create a group on Codiga. Each Bitbucket user will have access to the project on Codiga once logged in with their Bitbucket account.


The same limits apply to Bitbucket accounts as to regular accounts. See our pricing page for limits on each account type.


All existing features on Codiga

Historical metrics, technical debt analysis, per commit analysis: you can access all the data as any other account.

Integration of Codiga metrics within the Bitbucket UI

Codiga metrics are directly integrated within the Bitbucket UI and can be viewed at two places:

  1. On the main page of the repository, where the code quality score is shown (first picture below)
  2. On a dedicated page where key metrics are shown (second picture below)

This brings the ability to quickly see what are the metrics available when you navigate on Bitbucket. The main interface of Codiga is available on our main app with more details and fine-grained data on code quality and technical debt.

Metrics overview on the project landing

Dashboard integrated within Bitbucket UI

Automated Code Review

Codiga automatically processes Pull Requests on Bitbucket, analyzes code change and annotates the code according to violations, duplicates, and complex and unreadable code.

This functionality is similar to the one offered by our GitHub application.

The comment in pull requests is being issued with the identity of the user that installed the Bitbucket App. Unfortunately, this is due to a limitation from Bitbucket. Once this limitation is being removed, we will post comments under the name of our application.

Support for user

To use Codiga with your Bitbucket account, you need to install our Bitbucket application. The Codiga application enables features such as the integration of Codiga metrics in the repository view as well as automated code reviews.

Support for groups

Bitbucket teams are mapped into Codiga groups. In other words, when you install our Bitbucket application for a team, it creates a group on Codiga. Any member of the Bitbucket team that logs using their Bitbucket account on Codiga will be a member of that group on Codiga.

Project creation

Bitbucket repositories are mapped into Codiga projects. Codiga projects are created in two ways:

  • Manually from the interface (see above the dedicated section)
  • Automatically when a project is created (after the Bitbucket application is installed).

Upgrading your account

If you hit the limit for the number of repositories or analyses and want to upgrade your account, please contact us using the integrated support feature of our product or directly using the contact form on our landing page. We do not support automatic billing for Bitbucket accounts at this time.

Bitbucket Server Support

We do support Bitbucket Server, which allows using Codiga on your dedicated Bitbucket server. The billing form is different and tailored to customer needs, please contact us to get more information from our sales team.

Unsupported features

  • Mercurial repositories: we only support Git repositories at this time.

Data protection

In a nutshell: Codiga keeps data about your profile (username, email) and the projects being analyzed. It does not keep any source code on its servers.

All details about data protection are detailed in our Terms of Service, Security and Privacy policies.

Note: if you decide to remove our Bitbucket App from your Bitbucket account, all user data, projects and metrics are automatically removed from our servers.

Contact and Support

The Bitbucket app is supported as an official Codiga product. Do not hesitate to use the support feature within our product or directly contact us.