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AWS CodeBuild Integration

Integrating with AWS CodeBuild

The integration in AWS CodeBuild lets you check the code quality using Codiga as you build your software. If your code does not meet some code quality requirements, the build will fail and not ship into production.

Once you are integrated with the AWS CodeBuild, you can then add this test in a code pipeline and avoid any changes with errors to be pushed into production.

Setting up your environment

First, create an AWS CodeBuild to build your software. You need to define the following three variables in your build environment:

  • CODIGA_API_TOKEN: API token you get from your tokens page
  • CODIGA_PROJECT_NAME: name of the project on codiga

To define these variables, first, edit the CodeBuild configuration as shown below.

Change the AWS CodeBuild configuration

Define the environment variables, as shown below. Note that for the CODIGA_API_TOKEN, you need to set the values retrieved from your profile page.

Enter configuration variables

Editing your buildspec.yml file

The next step is to edit your buildspec.yml (or any build specification you use for this project) in order to add commands to install and invoke codiga-check-quality.

  1. Installing the tool is done using pip. To install the tool, you need to use pip install codiga
  2. Invoking the tool codiga-check-quality lets you set the requirements for your code quality gate.

There is an example of how to modify your buildspec.yml to install the tool and check that the quality score of the project for the current commit is higher than 75.

version: 0.2

- apt-get update -y
- apt-get install apt-transport-https gnupg -y
- pip install codiga
- echo Preliminary tasks done
- codiga-check-quality --project "${CODIGA_PROJECT_NAME}" --min-quality-score 75 --sha "${CODEBUILD_RESOLVED_SOURCE_VERSION}" --max-timeout-sec 60
- echo pre-build done
- echo Entering the build phase
- echo build done
- echo Entered the post_build phase...
- echo Build completed on `date`

Important notes:

  1. Invoking the tool requires that you define CODIGA_API_TOKEN and CODIGA_PROJECT_NAME. Otherwise, it will not start
  2. We analyze the revision being pushed. We use the CODEBUILD_RESOLVED_SOURCE_VERSION environment variable set up by CodeBuild to retrieve that information.
  3. If the tool does not complete within 60 seconds, it fails.


Once your file is committed, you can see the execution of the tool directly in the CodeBuild execution trace, as shown below. When the tool fails, it will also indicate what metrics do not meet the quality gate requirements.

CodeBuild results

Reporting an issue

You can get help by joining our Slack Community

You can report an issue directly on GitHub.

More information

The tool codiga-check-quality is developed as an open-source tool. You can read more and contribute to the tool on GitHub.